My objective is to provide customized professional accounting and bookkeeping services to my clients. I see satisfied clients and long-term growth being generated by my absolute dedication to service, service, and more service.

I am a Simply Accounting Solution Provider and with this I am able to offer my clients the many benefits of working with Simply Accounting. As a Simply Accounting Solution Provider, I can ensure that you always get top-notch service and support. I receive software updates and upgrades on a regular basis, and have access to valuable technical resources and product information. In addition, I get payroll updates and software upgrades to all my Simply Accounting products, so I will always be up-to-date and ready to support my clients!

Marceca Accounting Services is also listed on the Simply Accounting’s Online Consultant Web site, which receives tens of thousands of hits per week from prospective and current Simply Accounting clients. Having my name and company listed on the Web site provides an invaluable exposure to help build my business. I am there to answer any of your Simply Accounting questions.

Call for your free no obligation consultation to see how I can reduce your fees, save you tax dollars and provide you with good professional advice.